July 3, 2009

Who should be worried about suppression of the truth?

CNN in HondurasLa Gringa is watching CNN in Honduras July 3, 2009
Did I fake the picture?! I don't even know how!

What has become clear to me is that the tiny unsophisticated poverty-stricken country of Honduras has less to worry about than the rest of you in the developed world. There aren't enough hours in the day to combat the misinformation, in some cases purposeful disinformation being disseminated by Venezuelan media which is then reported by major media and blogs with absolutely no independent research or verification of the facts.

When this is all said and done, the truth will be known, but by then, the world will have lost interest in Honduras again, so none of your media outlets will have to admit that they misinformed you.

Examples: A senator was murdered (he is alive and well and I hope that our government is checking his bank accounts), ambassadors were beaten and kidnapped (false), the Honduran Chancellor was beaten and kidnapped (she ran away to Mexico before our government found her), 70 people have disappeared (where are their grieving families?), 10-year-olds are being snatched out of their mother's arms to be inscripted in the army (please, this isn't Cuba, we have a professional army as they have shown very clearly), Hondurans are being denied access to world media (ask yourself, how in the world are both pros and cons posting to CNN about the bad coverage if they have no access to CNN).

Yes, there are dissenters to what has happened. Is there any issue anywhere in the world, where 100% of the people agree? Estimates are that 80% of population are happy that Mel Zelaya is gone and are proud and grateful of their government and military. Isn't that what democracies are about? The will of the majority of the people? Just because this wasn't done the way it would have been done in your country doesn't make it wrong. The US does not have the right to judge Honduras by US standards. Our congress and Supreme Court say that it was done legally and in accordance with the constitution.

Eventually, the government will be allowed to get their message out. We see and hear it in Honduras. Will your media report it? That is the question that you should be asking yourself.

Because, you see, our media is free and there is no question that they would love these sensational reports, just as much as yours does. I don't claim to know everything that has been happening with the media, but I do know that all of the Honduran media are free to lodge complaints with the Sociedad International de la Prensa - Americas. They have and you can read the complaints at the SIP website.

But, please, don't stop there. Read the number of complaints there that have been filed and proven against Mel Zelaya and his cohorts in the prior years. He has been condemned by SIP several times during his term for threatening the freedom of the media. Why hasn't your media done it's homework?

This is a comment I left on a blog this morning (thanks for informing me, Don):
Oh, Fausta, please don't report Chavez's disinformation! Please be responsible. I have watched CNN 20-24 hours a day (I have to get a little sleep occasionally) HERE IN HONDURAS since 7:30 am Sunday morning when I woke up.

Our constitutional rights have not been revoked. We simply have a curfew which is only necessary because of the violence and vandalism being committed by pro-Zelaya protesters, assisted by thugs being imported from Nicaragua and Venezuela (several were arrested this morning attempting to cross the border). Just last night pro-Zelaya protesters bombed a KFC in Tegucigalpa.

According to independent public polls, anywhere from 87 to 92% of the population are in favor of continuing the curfew.

I did not have time to read your entire article because I'm trying to get the truth out! Please look at these photos WHICH CNN WILL NOT SHOW YOU, and tell me if this looks like a repressed people. Please, please, please!

Photos from Honduras that CNN will not show you

People of the world should be more worried about the bias and censorship in their own media. You are not getting the truth. Why?
I'll repeat to readers now: Why are you not worried about the bias and censorship of your own media? Why are you not complaining to them about not verifying unsubstantiated information before reporting?

Please feel free to use and disseminate this article in any way you please.
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