July 22, 2009

Washington Times 'Exclusive'

Former Minister of the Presidency Flores Lanza carrying L.40 million cash
in grocery cart from National Bank of Honduras,
Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Washington Times today, July 22, has an 'exclusive' report: EXCLUSIVE: Ousted Honduran leader accused of theft. The article refers to the cash withdrawal of L.40 million (US $2.1) from the central bank by Enrique Flores Lanza as directed by Mel Zelaya. The article also mentions the L. 100,000,950 check cashed by Flores Lanza, which the Times translates to US $550,000.

The Honduran media reported these investigations beginning on July 6. They were reported here on the Blogicito on July 7 (complete with bank security camera photos) and July 19 (originally reported in the Honduran media July 12), respectively.

Better late than never.
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