July 10, 2009

Zelaya and horse: Reader opinion

Comment left by AZelaya:

Thank you Gringa for putting the numbers out for the world to see why Hondurans are sick of Mel.

He talks about "los pobres" while spending like a king. He is one of the "elites" and he is acting like he is a "campesino". For years I was thinking: The day I see Mel Zelaya eating 'tortilla con sal'* just like the REAL Campesinos have to that is the day I will believe he love the poor of this country.

Instead what does he do?! Fly around the Americas on Honduras' dime with is horse, Cafe. Yes. All you who did not know that: put that fact in your pipe and smoke it! In 2007 Tegucigalpa was practically shut down due to a Taxi strike, we couldn't get anything done because no one could get to work those days and where was "el Señor presidente"? Riding Cafe in a parade in Nicaragua, smiling big as you please as if there was not a care in the world.

Mel Zelaya never did care what was going on "day in and day out" in our country. He was busy seeing the world and taking his family and army of maids and buttler and chauffers with him on his world tour trips. THAT is the REAL FACTS of the Mel Zelaya's view of the Honduras budget.

If he really did care about our POOREST people he would have eaten beans and rice at most and spent the money he spent flying his horse around on food for the poor, or medicine for the Government hospitals or raises for our health professionals who are overworked and underpaid in the government clinics. Mel never did car about the poor. They are just a VEHICLE for him to gain and keep power. The rich in the country are so few, that even though they have money they can't accomplish something like throwing Mel out on his ass, that takes a big chunk of the middle class and working class to accomplish this.

Bien Hecho Congresso y Corte Suprema y Pueblo de Honduras! Well DONE!! Show the world what having REAL BALLS can accomplish. And good thing we didn't believe all the dribble that came out of that despots mouth. He is trully very unstable.

*tortilla with salt, the only thing that many of poorest families have to eat in a day
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