July 26, 2009

Honduran crisis: Opinions and news, July 26, 2009

The following are some of the more interesting articles this week:

National Review: Saving the Rule of Law
The Hondurans were right to dump Zelaya.
By Carlos Ramos-Mrosovsky & Matthew Raymer
Lincoln simply ignored the ruling and famously asked, “Are all the laws but one to go unexecuted and the Government itself go to pieces lest that one be violated?” President Lincoln deliberately violated the Constitution in order to save it.....

The Honduran “coup” was a similar response to an extraordinary threat to the rule of law.
Read the entire article here.

Wall Street Journal: Behind the Honduran Mutiny
By Jose de Cordoba
July 25, 2009

An interesting article that gives some of the background of the events before June 28 and some of Mel Zelaya's history. Read the article here.

Washington Post: Inflaming Honduras
By Edward Schumacher-Matos
July 26, 2009
The tiny country of Honduras is providing a lesson in humility on the frailty of democracy and the limits in making it work. The secretary general of the Organization of American States, José Miguel Insulza, hasn't listened and may soon lose his job. He deserves to. .....

Hondurans are right to worry that Zelaya, even if returned in a national unity government, will resort to more demagoguery, as Chávez did after he was temporarily ousted in a 2002 coup. What Insulza should be doing, but isn't, is searching for formulas that allow all the pieces to be put together again in a way that protects real democracy in Honduras and the hemisphere.
Read the entire article here.

Human Events: Freedom Matters for Honduras
by Connie Mack, US Congressman from Florida

July 24, 2009
The Obama administration and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton can no longer be considered a “neutral broker” in the current state of affairs in Honduras. Here’s why.
Read why here.

Honduran news in English

La Prensa, Honduras, is experimenting with an online English-language version of their Crisis in Honduras articles. I haven't really checked it out to see how much of the news is translated or how accurate the translation is so you are on your own, but it is bound to be helpful to those of you who do not read Spanish. El Heraldo has an English version, too. I noticed several misspellings on the front page so I don't think that they are using a machine translation.
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