July 9, 2009

Honduras: Manipulation of the news

Bloody shirt
Photo: Reuters

All over the internet, Hondurans and others in Honduras are asking CNN and other international media sources to report the whole truth, but very few are listening. Hundreds of thousands of peaceful pro-government protesters just does not make for the exciting videos that a few hundred rock-throwing, bat carrying thugs do. A constitutional change in the presidency does not draw an audience like a "military coup".

Hondurans are hurt and confused that, for the most part, only one misleading side of the story is getting out to the world.

Cornell law professor William A. Jacobson who writes Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion CNN Falls For The Honduran Fauxtester exposes one example of the manipulation of the news.

Read from independent photographer about how man smeared blood on his shirt before the photo was published at Honduras Abandoned. CNN later reports that the blood came from a boy dying in the man's arms. (minute 0:49 on the video)
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