July 30, 2009

Insulza: My record on the theme of democracy is absolutely impeccable!

(Part I video in Spanish)

(Part II video in Spanish)

Last week, Mauricio Villeda, a member of Micheletti's delegation to Costa Rica, stated that if Venezuela was judged by the OAS on the same standards as Honduras, Venezuela would not be a member of the Organization of American States.

Many claim that OAS Secretary General José Miguel Insulza is a socialist and not a good leader for the OAS. Many within and outside of Honduras blame the harsh world reaction to the events in Honduras on Insulza's unwillingness to even listen to the whole story. Honduras wasn't asking for negotiation, they were only asking OAS to hear the facts about what happened before taking such a rash measure as alienating Honduras from all of the countries of this hemisphere.

Insulza uses a double standard when dealing with Honduras as compared to Cuba or Venezuela. Insulza was aware of the volatile situation in Honduras, as were all of the OAS member states since an emergency meeting was held on June 26 (videos of the meeting are available at the OAS site). Several delegates stressed the importance of the equality of the three powers of a democratic government − two days before the events of June 28, when Zelaya's delegate to OAS was calling the Supreme Court decision a "technical coup."

Secretary Insulza has indicated in interviews that what was happening in Honduras before June 28 was an internal matter, not a matter for the OAS to be involved in, just as he says what is happening in Venezuela is an internal matter. When asked what if Zelaya returned and continued his effort to change the constitution, Insulza has indicated that that also would be an internal matter. Oh, I see. The OAS is merely on hand to protect corrupt presidents and any other problems with democracy are internal matters.

On the other hand, Insulza, with his grand ego, says of himself, "My record on the theme of democracy is absolutely impeccable."

Channel 10 news two nights ago showed a long clip from an Univision interview of Insulza by Jorge Ramos. It was priceless. Despite Insulza's grand ego, Jorge Ramos handed Insulza his head on a platter. I was able to find the Univision videos, which are presented above.

The interview is in Spanish, but I found a blog which has a transcript of part of the interview. You can get a sense of the hypocriticalness of Insulza in this English translation.

By the way, the Univision website has violated the human rights of all people in Honduras by denying us the right to see this video − I offer this since "human rights violations" has become such a trivial accusation to throw around. More on that later.
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