July 24, 2009

July 24, Mel near the border

A couple of minutes of channel 10 video at the border

I'm glued to the television switching between CNN (Español) and local news while also reading online news. The contrast is amazing.

One CNN reporter (WITHOUT CAMERA) reports clashes with police, shooting, bombs, and tear gas. He excitedly shouts, "You can hear the shooting!" No. We can't. Interestingly, we can't even hear shouting on any of the other news videos, though there is tons of shouting in the background of this reporter's telephone call. Staged? Did he tell the crowd that he was calling in to CNN live?

Local news and other CNN reporters show people at the border just milling around, the count could not be called anything over 'hundreds'. The police are lined up, in control, and there is no action on either side, just waiting. Many of the crowd are ladies, protected from the sun with umbrellas, appearing curious, as crowds always are whenever there is any excitement in the neighborhood.

The border between Nicaragua and Honduras is a long one. It isn't always clear where these reporters are located. I just find it very interesting with all of the cameramen at these sites, not to mention the vast number of people with camera phones, why no one has yet captured any of these clashes or shootings. This supposedly happened long enough ago for it already to be reported by others. Where is the proof? Does CNN really send out reporters without cameras, not even a camera phone? Think about it.

Radio Global, a station that is strongly pro-Mel, has reported police shootings, injuries, and clashes, and this report has been picked up and reported as fact by major media without any photographic evidence. Eduardo Maldanado, who needs his own blog article, is director of this station according to the website. Interesting that the website for this Honduran radio station shows that they have more Venezuelan visitors than Honduran.

Just now (4:10 pm), CNN interviewed the Commissioner of Police who explained that some of the protesters were throwing rocks at the police. To protect themselves, the police shot tear gas. I'm not sure when or where this happened.

There are factions who want violence. Mel Zelaya wants violence. CNN wants violence. Chávez wants violence.


Zelaya crossed the border momentarily and then retreated back to the Nicaraguan side. He was not met with the 500,000 Mel-supporters that Patricia Rodas predicted. It was closer to 500.


We have one big accomplishment! CNN (Español) has been shamed into showing today's San Pedro Sula massive manifestation in favor of the government, peace, and democracy right alongside the video of Mel in Nicaragua.

Thanks go to all of you who have complained about the one-sided coverage. There have been dozens of these peaceful pro-government demonstrations before and since June 28 that CNN did not show you!


By the way, if you speak Spanish, you saw that today's text message poll asks viewers, "Do you believe that faced with the threat of Chávez, the United States has abandoned Honduras?" The final poll results will be given tonight, but the interim results show:

85% of the viewers believe that the US has abandoned Honduras
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