July 19, 2009

Honduras crisis: More corruption comes to light

Zelaya's wife's nephew, Marcelo Chimirri finally goes to jail
Photo: El Heraldo, Honduras

The new Minister of the President confirmed that more than L. 6 million of the presidential payroll was paid to 300 phantom employees who didn't come to work but whose salaries were paid. The presidential payroll includes 400 employees, only 100 have assigned duties. The minister encountered a number of these phantom assistants who were paid between L.40,000 and L.80,000 per month. Other waste noted was the contracting of airplanes and helicopters.

In the Dominican Republic, Mel confessed that he was going to spend L. 15 million of government funds just for the payments of the persons who would supervise the voting locations.

Notorious Marcelo Chimirri, former head of Hondutel (replaced in 2007 when other criminal charges were filed), was taken to jail in handcuffs. He and four others are accused of being involved in the Latinode bribery cases and causing the loss of tens of millions of dollars to the state. The Latinode bribery case was tried in the US; the company was found guilty of paying bribes to unnamed Honduran government officials. Now those government officials are being charged in Honduras. (I've written many articles about Chimirri.)

In an interview on a local La Ceiba television station, the La Ceiba mayor stated that Zelaya had offered him L. 8 million (for the city) in exchange for his support in campaigning for the cuarta urna. The mayor said that he could never get an answer as to what should be changed in the constitution and that he declined the offer and that is why Zelaya's government quite sending funds to La Ceiba.

Investigations are underway regarding a Treasury check made out to the Casa Presidencial for L. 10,000,950. The check was cashed on June 26. Investigators say there is documentation that the funds were to finance the election.

There is much more to come.

Previous articles

Garbage bags stuffed with cash were found all over the Casa Presidencial in desks and closets. Auditors have confirmed to date that Zelaya diverted at least L.600 million to the illegal referendum.

Rixi Moncada, former head of La ENEE, the state-run electric company, left behind L.260,000 in cash bribe money in a hotel room in Choluteca when she fled the country. She is a member of Zelaya's negotiating team. (same article as above)

Enrique Flores Lanza, ex-Minister of the Presidency, withdrew L.40,000,000 in cash from the Banco Central of Honduras four days before the election was to occur. Flores Lanza is part of Zelaya's negotiating team in Costa Rica.

Milton Jiménez has a long history of corruption and scandal. He is also part of Zelaya's negotiating team in Costa Rica.
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