July 3, 2009

Honduran Supreme Court rejected the OAS demand to return Zelaya to the presidency

2008 photo of Ex-President Mel Zelaya and his wife with
Presidents Hugo Chávez of Venezuela and Daniel Ortega of Nicaragua

Minutes ago, the Honduran Supreme Court rejected the Organization of American States demand to return Mel Zelaya to the presidency of Honduras.

Originally, after the condemnation of Honduras by the UN and OAS, former President Manuel Zelaya said he would return on Thursday. On Wednesday, he reported that he would respect the 72-hour demand of the UN and return on Saturday. Yesterday, he changed that arrival date to Sunday.

Chancellor of Honduras, Enrique Ortez Collindres, who has become a popular figure among young Honduras for his strength and feistiness despite his advanced age, stated that 25,000 Honduran citizens will be waiting for him at the airport when he comes and that Zelaya will be arrested on 18 counts of illegal activities including violating the constitution which he swore to uphold and being a traitor to the Republic of Honduras.
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