July 31, 2009

Mack: NY Times report on Honduras is false

Connie Mack, US Congressman
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I've gotten a lot of email about the July 29 New York Times article by Ginger Thompson entitled "
Honduran Leader Backs Return of President". The article surprisingly stated:
The head of Honduras’s de facto government, Roberto Micheletti, has expressed support for a compromise that would allow the ousted president of his country to return to power, according to officials in the de facto government and diplomats from the region.
Later in the article she states:
The officials requested anonymity because of the delicacy of the negotiations.

(The emphasis is mine.)

The following is a press release from Congressman Connie Mack declaring that the above New York Times article is false and even goes so far as to say that the story is fabricated:

Congressman Connie Mack's Press Office
Jul 30 2009

Mack: New York Times Report on Honduras is False

Micheletti tells Mack there’s no deal

WASHINGTON – Congressman Connie Mack (FL-14), the Ranking Republican of the House Subcommittee on the Western Hemisphere, tonight stated strongly that the report in today’s New York Times is utterly untrue, and is deeply concerned that the Obama Administration appears to be siding with Hugo Chavez against the people of Honduras.

Today’s New York Times asserted that Honduran President Roberto Micheletti is working on a deal to bring former President Manuel Zelaya back to power.

Mack said:

“I spoke to President Micheletti today by telephone. The New York Times story is utterly untrue and there is no deal to bring Manuel Zelaya back to power. The people of Honduras do not want and will not accept Zelaya’s return.

“Zelaya was removed from the presidency through a legal process established by the Honduran Constitution. He was voted out of office by the Honduran National Congress. The Honduran Supreme Court ordered Zelaya’s arrest. This was not a coup. This is a matter of Honduran law and sovereignty.

“The ones supporting the ousted President include Hugo Chavez and other leftist dictators in Latin America.

“The Obama Administration’s position is appalling. They are siding with the forces of evil against the forces of freedom. They are involving themselves in the internal politics of a sovereign nation. It is wrong and must be stopped.

“Furthermore, I am outraged that the Obama Administration pulled the visas of Honduran officials who didn’t agree with the Administration’s policies, and threatened to pull more. They are retaliating against Honduran judges and Members of Congress for taking positions against Hugo Chavez and other leftists in Latin America.

“Manuel Zelaya broke the law. The New York Times story is inaccurate and fabricated.”


Wow! When the New York Times publishes fabricated information, who can you believe? Something interesting is that Ginger Thompson is the same author who was involved in the other false report I wrote about in "Massaging the facts" two days ago. Could it be that this reporter has an agenda, which doesn't necessary include reporting the facts or does she just have a problem understanding Spanish?

Followup: More misreporting from the NY Times

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