July 26, 2009

Telesur stages 'military repression'

A couple of people have sent me this video, title translated: "Evidence: Telesur and Zelayistas stage an attack of the Honduran armed forces.

The quality is not good and if you don't understand Spanish you may not be able to follow it, but it is an interesting example of Chávez-controlled Telesur's reporting. The announcer says, "This is military repression in which El Paraíso lives."

While you see soldiers far in the background, there is no evidence whatsoever that shots came from the military or that the military are in any way repressing the civilians. One person (on the ground originally) appears to have a gun. I noticed that each time a "shot" is heard, rather than focusing on the soldiers, the camera points to the ground or the 'actors'.

J says that the gunshots sounds to him like the slamming of a metal gate. The shot that is real comes from inside the van!

You can see one bystander in a white shirt and baseball cap just, well, standing there watching the goings on. He skeptically asks, "Are you for real?" J says that this is asked in such a way that any Honduran would know that he does not believe it is real. It does not seem likely that if the military were shooting at the crowd, that he would be standing there calmly watching. Listen to the laughing near the end of the video.

Telesur seems to have reporters and cameramen all over Honduras. Despite all their reports of repression, "clashes", abuses, shootings, and human rights violations, they never seem to have the camera on those. They will, for example, show the military shooting tear gas, but don't show the hour leading up to it where the protesters were throwing rocks at, and injuring, soldiers. We aren't talking about pebbles here! Look closely at some of those photos of the pro-Zelaya protesters. Those rocks could kill someone. They carry crates of rocks with them.

Hat tip to Lorna and Luís and thanks go to Orvex, a group of Venezuelan exiles who support Honduras, who produced the video.


If you are reading this from an email, click on the article title to go to the blogicito where you can watch the video.
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