July 2, 2009

Should Zelaya come back to Honduras?

Honduras Yes! Zelaya NoHonduras, Yes! − Zelaya, No
Even non-Spanish speakers should be able to translate this, right?*
Cartoon: El Heraldo

Univision poll (lower left under 'Noticias', in Spanish, this is the translation)

What is your opinion? Is it a good decision that Mel Zelaya return to Honduras after the military coup?
Si or No.

El País (Spain) poll (in Spanish, this is the translation)
What do you think of the international communities' response to the coup in Honduras?
Bien (Good, they are acting in an adequate manner)

Mal (Bad, they shouldn't have intervened in the matter)
N/S (Don't know)

* Just in case you don't catch all the nuances ;-) − The little Honduran guy waving the flag is saying, "Hooray democracy!" (though I like the sound of 'viva' better, don't you?). He has just knocked over the Mel Zelaya statue. The statue is being supported by CNN media and Hugo Chávez, who is saying "Hooray Dictatorship!" Clever, huh?

Viva Honduras!
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