July 10, 2009

Honduras in Despair

Honduras has ballsSee this article for translation of sign in photo

I wanted to share Honduran blogger Gerardo's article with you:

Honduras in Despair

Publicado por gerardoparedes en 6 Julio 2009

In the face of a world turned backwards.

When everything and everyone seems against you.

Even when you friends of old in the USA of whom an small country in Central America served so well in the 80’s

If a megalomanous Zelaya bent of destruction of our sovereignty fly all over our country in a venezuelan plane.

Count on his teacher, Chavez to use his vantage points Insulza and D’Escoto to score a lot of points against the legitimate government of Honduras.

When the OAS, the UN, the BAFA and the UFO’s and A.L.I.EN.S are against a tiny country in Central America that is supporting his freedom against totalitarism and Marxism.

When all of that happens, you will know that the end of this world is near, that the power of the USA is dwindling, like rome, when they put a barbarian as emperor, their empire started dwindling, they started moving their frontier backwards, and backwards, and more backwards, until those same barbarians who were afraid of them first became the ones to be feared. Beware that time. Beware for is it written it will come for a band of thugs leadered by Chavez is ready to take over the world as we know it.

Honduras will stand strong, we will be remembered in History for being the final frontier against marxism and communism as of today, XXI century socialism they call it, but they take away private property, they shut off the media, they wipe off the opposition, they run for office forever. Yes, the final frontier wasn’t a Star Trek motto, the final frontier is here, freedom fighter from america, if you want to help defend this country against the left, you are welcome. When everything else fails and i am not able to use my digital pen no more to fight against totalitarianism, i am going to do what a patriot has to do and fight for our freedom, doesn’t matter what it takes. We will be on our knees but will never beg for mercy. The right must win. Its on the best interest of the whole world.


Gerardo writes at El Pergamino de la Derecha in Spanish and English. I hope you'll visit him and leave a note.

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