July 2, 2009

More articles about the crisis in Honduras

"Proud to have a true democracy"
Photo: La Prensa, Honduras

More articles on the Honduran crisis that you may wish to read, Digg, or pass on to your friends:

Investor's Business Daily:
Banana Democrats

Front Page Mag: Defeating Chávez Democracy in Honduras

National Review Online: Ousting a Chávez wannabe

Reuters: Honduras rules defy world pressure to restore Zelaya

National Public Radio: The new republic: The fetishizing of the President?

The Devil's Excrement (2005 best Latino, Carribean, or South American blog): Why is Zelaya's constitutional coup attempt ignored by the world?

Yahoo news AP:Deposed Honduran prez accused of drug ties

China South America: The current situation in Honduras


Now, for an opposing viewpoint: see CNN en Español 24 hours per day
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