July 16, 2009

Right-left lockstep

Let's be friends!

I am so sorry that the Honduran crisis has become a right-left/liberal-conservative/Republican-Democrat issue in the US! Why do so many people seem to have to follow their party lock-step, believing all information from their own 'reliable' sources, and disregarding all information from the 'opposition' viewpoint as unreliable?

I'm pretty foolish because if I had even thought to put the Honduran crisis in terms of liberal-conservative (which I didn't), I would have thought that liberals would be for the people. What do I know about politics? Nada. I'm just not interested in the Republican-Democrat debates!

What I do know is that in Honduras, the Supreme court voted in a unanimous decision (15-0) and congressmen of both major parties and two of the three tiny parties voted for the ousting of Mel in a 123-5 vote. That's compelling enough for me. I'm here in Honduras. I know what has been going on (for years, not days). I saw what has happened over the past three years. I saw the reaction. And that's how I made my decision. Others can, and probably will, discuss the legalities and plot theories for years. All I care about is what is best for Honduras.

Thankfully, many people who do know Honduras and Hondurans are speaking out, regardless of their own political leanings. Honduras need more of those!


I enjoyed this comment on a liberal forum and asked the author to let me share it with you:

How did defending Zelaya become an important aspect of being on the American left? None of us had ever heard of Zelaya last week. Does a couple days of defending Zelaya mean a left person must defend Zelaya forever? irregardless of the emerging evidence of his guilt? Are you guys so threatened, so fragile, so insecure, that you cannot change an opinion you just formed on Monday? Can you not be flexible as damning evidence appears? Are you that brittle? that fixated? that much in denial? Come ON! COME ON! Think like a shrewd human being, and not like a petulant child. The evidence of Zeyala’s guilt is plain to see, for those who have eyes. Come ON!

And, for goodness sake: think, for once, of the Honduran people. Do you want the people living under the thumb of Zelaya? as the Venezuelan people live under the thumb of Chavez? Standing up for the Honduran Government is standing up for the rule of law, for human rights, for freedom and democracy for the Honduran people. Come ON! Are you more interested in pounding the American right with false charges about spin; or are you more interested in standing for what is right, and in standing for human beings in Honduras whose freedom is imperiled?

Greg Cotharn
The End Zone

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