July 4, 2009

Honduras, alone against the world

Citizen support for the new government

If there are deaths in Honduras tomorrow, it will be the fault of false reports on the part of CNN en Español, particularly Krupskia Alis. CNN is called Chávez News Network here in Honduras.

CNN has a segment called 'keeping them honest'. Who checks on CNN? They will call my claim ridiculous, but there are hundreds of thousands of people in Honduras who know the truth because they watch CNN even though up until tonight's report, they have claimed that CNN was blocked from view in Honduras. Check CNN's iReports and all over the internet and you will read the same plea, "tell the truth about what is happening here!"

Equally responsible will be the United Nations and the Organization of American States. Those organizations claim to be concerned about democracy, yet they have judged and condemned Honduras without any chance to explain what happened or why the government officials believe what they have done was constitutional. None.

It's ironic that on the very day that US Americans celebrate their independence, their government was party to forcing a tyrant upon the Republic of Honduras.

Can people in the United States be condemned with the judge and jury denying a defendant a chance to defend himself? Can you imagine if the OAS told your Supreme Court to reverse a decision or told you that you had to keep a corrupt president? This action is as barbaric as they claim the golpistas are.

Those organizations also claim to be concerned about the human rights of Honduran citizens, but they, with the support of the United States of America, ignore the wishes of the Honduran citizens by trying to force upon them an inept, corrupt, drug-taking president who is said to have ties with narcotrafficking. How can this be? Isn't the United States against drug trafficking?

Also, it seems that if they were truly concerned with the human rights of our citizens, they would not stand by silent while Hugo Chávez of Venezuela threatens to spill blood in our streets. Oh, well, I guess they think that as long as we have TV and no curfew, we'll be free!

The Secretary General of the OAS, José Manuel Insulza, is much more concerned with the damaged dignity of one person, than damaging the future security of 7.5 million people in the second poorest country in this hemisphere. In only six days, our new leaders have uncovered US $31 million of misused funds and found that the President has put the country into a level of debt never seen before. In the six days that he was gone, he ran up a debt of US $80,000 on his government credit card. That amount alone would have fed 32 families for a year.

Our new president has told us that no citizen is above the law in our country. That hasn't been true in the past in Honduras, but this time citizens feel empowered and they are going to hold their president to his word. Despite the threat from Ecuador and Nicaragua, our leaders have said that Mel Zelaya will be arrested tomorrow when he lands in Honduras.

But it won't happen without violence. Groups of criminals and thugs, some who have entered the country illegally from Nicaragua, have been terrorizing Tegucigalpa, encouraged by the CNN en Español reporter, who ignores the hundred thousand peaceful marchers all over Honduras, just as CNN in the US ignores the thousands of internet postings from Hondurans asking for fair coverage. Unless the Honduran military can perform a miracle, people will be hurt or killed tomorrow, July 5, 2009.

Hondurans thought of the United States as a friend. Most thought that they would be supported, not condemned, for their fight for democracy against a tyrant who ignored the laws and constitution and called our highest court "the Supreme Court of Injustice".

Honduras is small, but proud, sovereign country. Honduras will stand alone against the world for as long as it can. Its citizens will be prouder of themselves and their government than they ever have been before. And they will find out who the true friends of democracy are.

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