July 22, 2009

The truth commission

President Arias with Micheletti's mediation representatives
Photo: La Prensa, Honduras

The Truth Commission suggested by Costa Rican President Óscar Arias is a great idea. Since the beginning, President Roberto Micheletti has also been calling for the UN, OAS, or other countries to come to Honduras and find out the truth for themselves. Unfortunately, everyone refused to even talk to them or review the legal documents at the beginning. They were accused and found guilty based on the declarations of the criminals without any chance to defend themselves.

Yes to the truth commission, but not from members of the OAS. Honduras has been kicked out of the OAS. The OAS has proven themselves over and over again to be in favor of socialism and use a 'democracy' double standard whenever convenient. Look at Cuba and Venezuela. Secretary General Insulza has already stated strongly that whatever Zelaya should do when back in office would be an internal matter. Also, if an OAS Truth Commission functions as well as the election observations, then we already know what result they will come up with. They might as well just phone in their results right now.

First have the truth commission do their work and then decide whether criminals should be put in charge of the government, government funds, the evidence, and the witnesses!

It is ridiculous to assume that a Truth Commission could ever hope to find the truth after the corruptos are put back in charge. It is precisely because they were in charge that the congress, the attorney general, the auditors, courts, and civil society could not find out the truth about how much money was being spent or where it was going.

How can Oscar Arias even consider that the fox should be put in charge of the hen house and afterward conduct an investigation? Surely he can't be that naive? I just continue to be dumbfounded by all of this. This is a country where a member of the President's cabinet can go to the central bank and withdraw L.40,000,000 in cash!

The UN, the OAS, the US, and President Arias have mortally insulted the President, the Supreme Court, and the Congress of Honduras, as well as all of the other reputable citizens of Honduras who have tried to explain why this happened by basically saying that everything they say is a lie or refusing to even talk to them. Then they say that they must supervise Honduras' government because no one in Honduras can be trusted except the very people who have already been shown to be criminals.

President Arias said that the population will be the great victim if an agreement is not reached. The population is not the victim now. The population, with the exception of a few people who are always protesting something, is fine. They are at peace and proud of their government for saving them from a Chávez-like government and proud of their military for protecting them. Arias and the rest of the world are watching too much CNN or they would know that.

The population will only be victimized IF THE WORLD DECIDES TO VICTIMIZE THEM through economic sanctions. That is the world's choice to make. Our government is running better than ever. Honduras has stood proud, strong, and united against corruption and outside interference for 22 days. Hondurans are prepared to make sacrifices. Ultimately, of course the world can crush Honduras, which was already the second poorest country in the hemisphere. The thing to ask is, are you so sure that Mel Zelaya was a victim of a coup d'etat that you are willing to cause poor people to starve in order to force him back into office?

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