July 11, 2009

New Chavez News Network channel

I can't tell you how appreciative I am that CNN (Chávez News Network) has shown such concern for our availability of utilities in Honduras. Longtime readers know that I've done plenty of complaining myself. So much so that I had to set up a separate category, 'Utilities or lack thereof' (36 entries, and truth be told, I'm so repressed that I don't even write about it much anymore).

Nine days without water was my personal record. Nine days without internet was also a record, both of those during the Zelaya regime. The week before the 'non-coup', we lost power four times, once for the entire day. No power means no internet and no cable TV. Cut off from the world. If the power is out for long enough, we don't have water either.

Little did I know that my civil rights were being violated or I would have complained much louder. After this latest (and only) interest in Honduras utilities, I began wondering, "Is CNN going to report every time that Honduras doesn't have electricity or cable TV?" That would be a lot of reporting. They would need a whole new 'CNN-Honduras Utilities' channel.

CNN could use one of those interactive maps, and pop up the areas without power, cable, or water in different colors. They could have roving reporters, human interest stories like this one, give tips like this one, and show how to flush a toilet or take a bucket bath when there is no running water. Maybe they could even warn us in advance when there are going to be planned power outages since Mel's government quit doing that.

There are bound to be at least a couple of areas to discuss at any time....oh, but wait, under the government of Mel Zelaya, and all the previous ones, some areas of the country still don't have electricity! Ditto on water systems. Ditto on cable TV. Ditto on telephone lines. (We got on the list for a phone line in February 2002.)

I'd also like them to report my human rights violations at the end of every month when 8-10 of my cable channels go out, including CNN. I always assumed it was because my cable provider hadn't paid his bill to his providers in a timely fashion. Little did I know that Mel Zelaya and his regime was suppressing information from the outside world. That is going to be one busy channel.

Wait a minute!.... Why do all that investigation when CNN can just say that we are cut off from the world and everyone will believe it?

Never mind.
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