July 23, 2009

Honduras: The July 22 march I'll bet you didn't see

Honduras March for Peace, 7/22/09March for Peace, Courage, and Democracy
Tegucigalpa, Honduras, July 22, 2009

Honduras March for Peace, 7/22/09

Honduras March for Peace, 7/22/09

Honduras March for Peace, 7/22/09

Honduras March for Peace, 7/22/09

Honduras March for Peace, 7/22/09The Tegucigalpa peace march supporting the current government of Honduras received about 5 seconds coverage on CNN (Español) yesterday. The march was described as including "thousands of supporters".

In an interview with La Tribuna, Héctor Valdez, a citizen of Tegucigalpa, mentioned that "We are capable of creating our own destiny. To the OAS and the UN, we say leave us in peace."

Juan Ferrera, Director of the National Anti-Corruption Council, referred to the march as an "extraordinary manifestation of the people in support of democracy, justice, and liberty. This is the fundamental message that we leave."

Ferrera added that "this is a call to all the people of the world, to act in front of your governments. While the ex-president Zelaya calls for discord, here we are united to seek the recovery of democracy."

Honduras March for Peace, 7/22/09

Honduras March for Peace, 7/22/09

Honduras March for Peace, 7/22/09"Organization of American States: Respect our constitution!"

And now for the pro-Zelaya demonstrations:

Zelaya supporters 7/22/09This was the pro-Zelaya demonstration in Tegucigalpa yesterday. It was also described by CNN as "thousands of supporters".

Zelaya supporters 7/22/09Pro-Zelaya supporter burning tires. How many do you count?

Zelaya supporters 7/22/09Pro-Zelaya supporters throwing rocks. How many do you count?

Pro-Zelaya supporters blocking the highway with fires. How many do you see?

Zelaya supporters 7/22/09Another highway blocked by pro-Zelaya supporters. People unable to get to work or deliver products. Citizens' constitutional rights to circulate freely are denied by a few (hundred?) Zelaya protesters. Additionally, pro-Zelaya supporters blocked access to some public hospitals, schools, and government buildings yesterday.

Despite what they say, the pro-Zelaya supporters obviously are allowed their constitutional right demonstrate. You don't see any military oppression in these photos. In fact, these protesters are being allowed the right to infringe on the rights of law abiding citizens to go about their daily lives.

Oscar Arias and much of the world seem to think that the citizens of Honduras need protection from military oppression or a repressive coup regime. The truth is that the only protection we need is from Mel Zelaya and his violent followers and Hugo Chávez who has threatened to spill blood on our streets.

Putting Mel Zelaya back in power means giving power to these mobs, just like the mob that broke into the air force base with Zelaya to steal the election materials on June 25.

The good people of Honduras are never going to allow that.

Update 7/24/09:

Cubanology wrote on the same subject: CNN, Reuters, MSNBC, and the others, Where are you? Honduras is calling!

Pajama TV did a one-minute video: EXCLUSIVE: PJTV Citizen Reporter Photos Expose Shoddy Reporting in Honduras...or is it a Cover-up?
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