July 3, 2009

Local Honduran television on the internet

Mel Zelaya announcing his intention to
disregard the Supreme Court's decision
June 25, 2009

A Honduran friend has uploaded some local Honduran television programs so that people from other countries can view it. He has promised to try to upload more.

Most importantly, "Mel and his removal" is the current government's explanation of exactly what happened, why it happened, and why it was legal. He also has 66 minutes of the Tegucigalpa rally on July 1 where an estimated 70,000 people attended.

All of the programs, of course, are in Spanish so they will probably not get much mention in the international media. If you understand Spanish, please check it out. He has promised to continue to add programs as he can.

USTREAM Catracho-Gol


For those of you who use Twitter or Facebook, you may want to get the link out to your Honduras friends outside of Honduras.
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