July 31, 2009

More misreporting from the New York Times

After the last article in which Congressman Connie Mack declared that a New York Times article was fabricated, I looked over author Ginger Thompson's past articles on Honduras. I saw that she also claims that Micheletti's representatives were to blame for the failure of the talks, which is exactly opposite of what happened.

I saw the whole press conference from beginning to end, including Arias' entire speech, Mauricio Villeda's response, and Rixi Moncada's response, all in full, which I'm sure is more than most of you saw in the USA.

I wasn't able to find a video with the complete press conference, which was around an hour in length, but the above video translates part of it. Interestingly, this video did not include Rixi Moncada's concluding comment.

Mauricio Villeda, spokesperson for the government of Honduras, clearly stated that he would respectfully present the proposal to the responsible sectors of the Honduras government, "because in Honduras there is separation of powers, independent and complimentary".

He also pointed out that he takes the talks very seriously and personally because his own father was a president of Honduras who was overthrown by a bloody military coup in which the military did assume the powers of the state, the constitution was thrown out, and in which many people had to live in exile in Costa Rica, a situation which he stated emphatically has not occurred in Honduras in this case.

In contrast, Rixi Moncada, spokesperson for Zelaya's team, clearly and definitely declared the talks "a failure" and called for increased coercive action on the part of the UN and international community.

Here is a 20 second clip from her speech which was not shown in the previous video. The text at the beginning says: "Uncompromising and arrogant". Rixi Moncada states: "In conclusion, the mediation dialogue is exhausted. That for us, the proposal presented now, as the San José proposal, has failed." At the end, the text is translated as, "Honduras continues firm".

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