July 5, 2009

Honduras prevents Zelaya plane from landing

In the early hours of Sunday morning, July 5, 2009, Honduras refused permission to land to former President Zelaya's plane in which he was accompanied by the Secretary General of the Organization of American States and officials from other countries, despite threats from Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Ecuador to take action Honduras if did not restore Zelaya to the presidency.

The OAS was trying to force the return of the rejected president on the Republic of Honduras. The Honduras government feared violence and deaths would result, since Zelaya was calling for his supporters to meet him at the airport and telling supporters to not obey authorities.

Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez, who was considered for the position of pope, begged Mel Zelaya that if he loves Honduras, not to come. In a televised announcement to this primarily Catholic country, he reminded Zelaya of three of the ten commandments, "thou shalt not lie, thou shalt not steal, and thou shalt not kill."

As a friend of Zelaya's for many years, he told him that he feared there would be a blood bath in the streets. He asked to respect human life and reminded him that
not one death has occurred yet. Cardinal Rodriguez also asked the people of Honduras to be calm and not resort to violence but rather to work together for a more just Honduras. The entire speech can be found here in Spanish.

Additionally, Bishop Juan José Pineda made an emergency call to CNN yesterday which was televised before the OAS meeting. He also pleaded with Zelaya to not come at this time. Evangelical leaders in Honduras, who generally are apolitical, have also issued statements.

Despite those pleas from the churches starting on Friday, around noon today, Zelaya now says that he will return today with the President of the United Nations.

God protect Honduras.
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