July 15, 2009

Honduras: Repression?

No somos 10, no somos 50, no somos 100, SOMOS MILES los Hondureños
que amamos nuestra patria, que queremos paz, que queremos respeto a nuestras leyes
y nuestra dignidad como nación independiente, libre y civilizada. - Samuel Cruz

We are not 10, 50, 100, we are thousands of Hondurans
who love our country, who want peace,
who want respect for our laws and our dignity
as an independent nation,
free and civilized.

Words and photo: Samuel Cruz, Honduran citizen

The only way to believe that Honduras is being repressed by a renegade political group, the out-of-control military, or a conspiracy of the rich oligarchy, is if you can believe that all of the following were in collusion or have been duped:

Honduran Supreme Court

Honduran Congress
Honduran Human Rights Commissioner
Honduran Anti-Corruption Commissioner
Both current major presidential candidates

Both major political parties
Two of the three small political parties
Honduran Military

Honduran Supreme Electoral Tribune
Former President of the Supreme Court
At least two former presidents of Honduras
Honduran business associations

Mayor of Tegucigalpa
Mayor of La Ceiba
Mayor of Choluteca
Many other Honduran mayors
Honduras' Catholic Cardinal
Evangelical churches
Most American expatriates living in Honduras

Many expatriates from other countries in Honduras

Numerous civil groups
Many missionaries and other charitable groups working with the poor

(and probably many individuals and groups that I'm forgetting)

and, most importantly,

the majority of Honduran citizens

Why will no one listen?


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