July 3, 2009

Commenter problems on the Blogicito

La Ceiba, Honduras, June 28, 2009Wondering what is going to happen,
La Ceiba, Honduras, June 28, 2009

Readers are complaining about their comments not being recorded and so am I! I wrote two long comments last night trying to respond to some of the questions and I couldn't post them. On the third try Blogger logged me out and lost my comments. Very frustrating. I was too tired to try to rewrite them.

But, please forget the censorship theories in this case. Blogger has been having a problem with comments for at least a month now as I have heard from readers. All I can suggest, especially if you have a long comment to make, is that you type your message in a text program or email, then copy and paste to the comment section, just in case. Copy and paste the comment into the comment box and try to submit again.

I also heard that some people are having problems even accessing my blog. I've been told that the problem could result from Internet Explorer, especially if you have recently updated to the new version. The solution is said to be to open your settings and indicate that La Gringa's Blogicito is an allowed site, or safe site or whatever the wording is. I'm not familiar with IE as I use Firefox. If anyone has any other suggested solutions, please leave the information in the comments section.

Internet connections here in Honduras could be getting a little slower with the huge number of people trying to get their message out. I'm also having problems with Blogger logging me out in the middle of something! Very frustrating, but Blogger is in the US so I don't think it has anything to do with what is going on in Honduras.

There are lots of interesting comments on the articles. I have no problem with anyone giving their opinion, pro or con, as long as they can do it without insults, vulgarity, or intimidation to other readers. I am wondering, though, whether the same people should be allowed to give the same opinion 10 or 20 times. It gets very tedious and, in a way, serves as censorship in itself as I think it is intended to drown out other voices.

I'd also to recommend CNN's iReports site for comments, photos, and videos from Honduras. A huge number of Hondurans have made their feelings known on this site, both pro and con. A major theme among the comments is the frustration they feel that the true picture is not getting out to the world, and many blame CNN's inaccurate and biased reporting for that.

CNN's uncensored viewer iReports
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