July 7, 2009

Zelaya could return with amnesty

Former Minister of the Presidency Flores Lanza carrying L.40 million cash
in grocery cart from National Bank of Honduras,
Wednesday, June 24, 2009

While most of the world disregards Honduran media reports as unreliable or biased, our on-line newspapers are giving minute by minute updates as to not only the current happenings, but also pertinent happenings being reported in the rest of the world.

In particular, El Heraldo and La Prensa, sister newspapers who in the past have faced lawsuits for exposing corruption, and Proceso Digital are updated with the speed of light. La Tribuna is another good newspaper. Tribuna's online edition is updated less frequently, but updates are available on Twitter, as they are for El Heraldo and La Prensa. Honduran reader comments on articles can also be enlightening. If you read Spanish, I recommend these newspapers.

La Tribuna reports today that Manuel Zelaya could return to Honduras if the national congress granted amnesty to him and the other actors in the "cuarta urna" corruption. I certainly hope that this compromise is discarded immediately!

I can't think of anything that would institutionalize corruption in Honduras for all time more than this. It would also serve to demoralize the citizens who have worked so hard to try to force change in Honduras.
Criminals should be punished and restitution should be demanded!

While this may be seen as a good compromise in the international community, in effect, what that would do is to give world-wide sanction for future acts of corruption. That would be the biggest boost for corruption that Honduras, long a victim of corruptos, has ever had.

A beautiful perfect storm example of the outrageousness of the corrupt Zelaya administration is the case of former Minister of the Presidency, Enrique Flores Lanza, who on Wednesday, June 24, withdrew L.40 million (US $2.1 million) in cash from the National Bank of Honduras. In this photo from the news last night (above), you can see him leaving the bank with the cash in a shopping cart! He has been positively identified by bank witnesses as well as by his signature on the withdrawal request.

A video of the security camera photos from La Tribuna:

Unbelievable the twisted, surreal world that we live in.
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