July 9, 2009

Honduran crisis: Tidbits, July 9

Roberto Micheletti and Mel Zelaya

Quotes from Honduran President Roberto Micheletti, before the mediation with Costa Rican President Óscar Arias:

Better six months of isolation than 20 years of Chávez,

I'm not bending my knees. I'm going to dialogue. That doesn't mean that the return of Zelaya (to the presidency) will be permitted.

It is clear that if Zelaya wants to come to the country, he will first be presented to the tribunals of justice.

From ex-President Manuel (Mel) Zelaya, before the meetings:

There is nothing to negotiate except the removal of the criminals and my return to the Presidency.


A member of the Supreme Court interviewed on local television last night said that the 'compromise' to consider amnesty for Zelaya that is getting so much coverage in the media was suggested by Mel Zelaya himself.

Juan Ferrara of the National Anti-Corruption Commission said that our ethics cannot be compromised.


A women from the Unión Cívica Democrática organization on local TV sends a message to Hugo Chávez to "Stop threatening to spill blood on our streets! We are a pacific people and do not want war."

And to the world, she says, "Don't try to force us to accept a president who does not deserve our respect. He has been spending the money of the poor to force an illegal issue in this country."


Marco Cáceres of Project Honduras stated, "As I pointed out in my interview with CBN News interview yesterday, I view Honduras as a "chess piece" in a larger geo-political game being played by Mr. Chavez of Venezuela. The goal of the game is to create an alternative system in Latin America and the Caribbean that is dominated by Mr. Chavez and the southern part of the Western Hemisphere rather than the northern part, as has long been the case. It has very little to do with empowering the poor or making societies more just and equitable."


La Verdadera Situación en Honduras - Powerful slide show (in Spanish) reporting what has been happening in Honduras under three years of Mel Zelaya, and how the person feels about his country now.


Aaron of Pensieve discusses the mediation in Costa Rica here and here.

Don Godo of Honduras Living ponders in

English language online news, Honduras This Week Online, opines in "Honduras united to defend its constitution and democracy".


Views from Americans in Honduras:
"This is just an indication of what is ahead for the US. It is a sad day when the Obama Administration turns left to the camp of Chavez, Noreiga and Castro instead of supporting democracy of all its old and honored friends.

"We, as Americans, are in trouble. The US future is being written by some people that don't have the interest of the common man and woman in mind. We are seeing the loss of two hundred years of hard won rights being sucked away from the individual. We are about to become the robots of a machine designed to have us all work day in and out just to support the few and their superior lifestyles. Our career politicians and the newly elected President are about to become the US ruling class.......God help us all.

"This treatment of Honduras is just the being of the end of a glorious United States. Patriotic Americans should consider following the example of Hondurans of recent weeks and reclaim what is our heritage.

"I am one sad and frightened American." --D
"Thanks for posting all this info! Mr. Obama and Mr. Chavez were quick to condemn this so-called "coup", but wait ...., a democratically elected head of state, charged with protecting and upholding the constitution, is convicted by the legislature for violating that constitution, condemned by his own political party, ordered out by the supreme court, and forcibly removed from office by the military. Where were they when the exact same thing happened in Illinois a few months ago? Does the name Blagojevich ring any bells? Hang in there Honduras! Paz!"--Lori
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