July 8, 2009

Blogicito problem solved! -- I think

A helpful reader who has been trying to assist with technical problems has informed me that changing the reader comments section from "in-line" view to full page view has corrected the problems with people who have been unable to view the Blogicito. Finally!

Please leave a comment (if you can, or otherwise email me) if you still experience problems. Include the details about your browser, version, and exactly what problem you are having and maybe one of the more technical readers can advise you. Another option is to subscribe to the daily email update at Feedburner. See the yellow sticky at the upper right.

While I generally respond to all comments and emails, I am just unable to at this time. I feel that my time is better used to continue to get out as much information as I can. Please know that I read all of the comments and appreciate your interest very much. Thanks go to all of you who have sent information, links, photos, documents, etc. I especially appreciate those of you who are able to answer other readers questions!

Thanks for reading!
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