July 4, 2009

Roatán: The little island that could

Parade for peace and democracy, Island of Roatán,
Honduras, July 3, 2009
Photo courtesy of: Angela Agnew

Largest of Honduras' Bay Islands, Roatán is a beautiful place and Honduras' most popular tourist attraction. The island has had its share of tensions in the past months with a flood of immigrants from the mainland looking for work which wasn't always there.

Yesterday, July 3, Roatán had its peace, pro-government (did we ever think we would say that?) march. Black, brown, and white. Young and old. Rich and poor. Hondurans, Americans, Brits, and a few flags that I didn't recognize. They all came together united in a common cause.

Maybe we should thank Mel Zelaya. He is responsible for a new patriotic pride and empowerment of the people all across the country.

The title of this article came from a sign I saw in one of the parade photos: "The little country that could." That is the attitude that I am seeing. Such pride in the country and the stand the government is taking against the world. Nothing is impossible.

Angela Agnew put together a beautiful photo slide show that can be seen here. Please take the time to view it. You'll enjoy it, I promise, especially if you've been as stressed as I have for the past week. It even has soothing music.
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