July 21, 2009

La Gringa's Links 2009

Honduran News

Honduran Newspapers (español) - Check out the Google Toolbar translator if you don't read Spanish.

HondurasWeekly - English-language news, opinion, and discussions

Revistazo.com (español) - Independent Honduran online news.

Tropical Gardening

Gardening by the Moon - Lots of info on moon phase gardening. Calendars available for sale.

ATTRA - National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service, includes information on organic farming, livestock and poultry raising, pest control, and much more. Available in Spanish, too.

ECHO Tech - Contains a wealth of information on small farm tropical agriculture.

Garden Voices - A compilation of garden blogs from around the world.

Miscellaneous Helpful Sites

CIA Factbook about Honduras - Facts regarding government, population, economy, geography, you name it.

Honduras Living Yahoo! group - For those interested in or currently living in Honduras. A high-volume, very helpful discussion group.

Metric conversions - Very handy when going from US measurements to metrics or vice versa.

Starting a business in Honduras - From the IFC of the World Bank

Word Reference - Translation and definition of words. Also includes a discussion forum. My favorite.

Touristy stuff

Honduras Tips - click on a city to read more, including hotel, restaurant, and sightseeing information

Lonely Planet - travel discussion forum

Trip Advisor - check out hotel reviews before booking

Honduran Blogs

  Honduras Honduras

Honduras Blogs — Don't miss it! A great place to read about Honduras bloggers and view a snippet of the latest article from each Honduran blogger (Catracho and expatriate)

Feather Ridge (Island of Guanaja)

Hondubirding (Countrywide, articles in English and Español)

Honduras: Libre, Democratica, Independiente (many articles in English)

Honduras Living (Tegucigalpa)

I owe so much (Tegucigalpa)

Laurie is here (Tegucigalpa)

Life as an Expat in Honduras (San Pedro Sula)

Nacer en Honduras (Esp.) (Tegucigalpa)

Pensieve (Honduran in Mexico)

El Pergamino de la Derecha (Español)

The adventures of Hannah & Charlie (Tegucigalpa)

Central American and Mexican Blogs


Costa Rica

A Broad in Costa Rica — no longer in CR, but a great blog nonetheless.

The Real Costa Rica Blog

Yo-Yo in Paradise

El Salvador

Mi Vida Salvadoreña

Tim's El Salvador Blog

What's up El Salvador *new*

Guatemala Guatemala

Antigua Daily Photo


1st Mate

Adventures of a Third World Shopkeeper (no longer updated)


Blah Blah Blah Ginger!

Countdown to Mexico

Gardener in Mexico (no longer updated)

Isla Mujeres: Gringo in Paradise

My Life in Chacala (no longer updated)

Theresa's Cooking Blog

Viva Veracruz

What do I do all day?


Las Frutas de Paraíso


A Neotropical Savanna

Chiriquí Chatter

Heidibella in the Tropics - no longer updated, but great recipes

Living in Potrerillos

Expatriate Links

Honduras Living discussion group

Click here to join honduras_living
Click to join honduras_living

Expat Blogs

Expat Women Helping Women Living Overseas

Globe of Blogs

InterExpat - The expat guide

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