August 1, 2009

In the news in Latin America

Mel Zelaya, starting to show the strain

Montealegre defends Micheletti regime
El Nuevo Diario, Managua, Nicaragua

(English translation)

Nicaraguan Congressman Eduardo Montealegre, on his return from Honduras, defended the government of Roberto Micheletti and said that the country only experiencing a constitutional succession. He severely criticized OAS Secretary General Insulza.

Zelaya should accept that he was overthrown
El Nuevo Diario, Managua, Nicaragua
(English translation)

Vice President of Nicaragua, Jaime Morales Carazo, said that Manuel Zelaya should accept his condition and look for an exit in the best manner because his return to power is almost impossible. He also calls Zelaya's calls for insurrection as "smoking around a powder keg".

Congress adjourned until Monday to respond to Arias' plan
La Tribuna, Honduras
(English translation)

"The important thing is that all sectors (such as) the Catholic church, the evangelical church, private companies, chambers of commerce, civil society in all its aspects, may be involved," president of the congress Alfredo Saavedra told the press.
According to the parliamentary leader, "this is what President Arias wants (...) an event that really is strengthened and supported by most of the Honduran people."

Followers of Zelaya train on Sandinista farms
Yahoo Mexico

English translation)

Member of the PLC, an opponent of the government of Daniel Ortega, said, "By their clothes, their tattoos, the young people who have been seen in the park in Ocotal are gang members, the fear is that they are going to enter Managua (capital), since there is no immigration control, we are at risk," he said.
To Gadea, the deposed President of Honduras, Manuel Zelaya, is creating an "a leftist operations center, and the intention is to harass the army of Honduras from the border of Nicaragua."

Ortega said that Honduras Army can still save its honor, ADN, Spain
(English translation)

Nicaraguan President, Daniel Ortega, said today that the Armed Forces of Honduras is still in time to save the honor of that institution if they rectify the "serious error" committed by flouting the constitution with the coup d'état.

(First Honduras has Castro and Chávez giving lectures on democracy and now child molester Daniel Ortega giving a lecture on honor.)
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