October 22, 2009

Honduran earthquake October 18, 2009

October 18, 2009 Earthquake
from the Nicaraguan Earthquake site

Did my international readers hear about the Honduran earthquake on Sunday morning? It was a 5.3 magnitude, nothing to sneeze at. It was offshore between Puerto Cortés and Omoa, but thankfully there was no real damage reported.

The USGS Earthquake site tracks all the earthquakes, all over the world. It's pretty impressive. The quakes show up within 2-5 minutes on the US site.

Uh, I should correct that. The USGS Earthquake sites track all of the earthquakes, all over the world EXCEPT Honduras. That's right. The US doesn't recognize Honduras and doesn't recognize Honduras earthquakes either! How completely asinine and petty is that?

From the USGS Earthquake site
showing a week's data

Update: Four days after this earthquake, after this article was posted, and after receiving several emails from my readers, the USGS updated their site to reflect this earthquake, which they showed to be in Guatemalan waters. The USGS site has not added the 4.6 earthquake of October 22 as of noon on October 25.

We had a long series of earthquakes in May and June, starting with a BIG 7.3 on May 27. Man, that was something! I was so stunned that at first I didn't know what was happening. After a few seconds − that seemed a lot longer − I remember thinking, "Oh, so this is what an earthquake feels like." All of them showed up on the USGS site within minutes.

When the first couple of quakes after June 28 didn't appear on the USGS Earthquake site, I thought it was a fluke. The Sunday quake was the fourth one that I'm aware of that they didn't report, so they are definitely purposely not recognizing Honduran earthquakes.

Again I say, how petty can the US government get?

Will the US Hurricane Center wipe any hurricanes off the international weather map once they are over Honduras territory?

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Honduran earthquake (October 22, 2009)
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