October 14, 2009

More on the UN study

Interview with Hondudiario Executive Director

In this telephone interview with Hondudiario Executive Director Aristides Aceituno, he states that he has part of the UN report (discussed in the last article) which clearly declares that the action to remove Manuel Zelaya was a constitutional succession.

Aceituno also said that the report states that many of the problems that happened in Honduras had roots in the UN General Assembly, led by Miguel D'Escoto Brockman, in which they came to a decision about Honduras in only 48 hours without any investigation. He seemed to be reading from the report when he said that the UN General Assembly did not have authority to decide on a domestic matter of Honduras and that the UN resolution taken on June 30 violated Article 2.7 of the UN's own charter which states that they are not authorized to intervene in internal matters of any state.

Aceituno refers to Carlos Arturo Reina's statement that this report has no validity, but says that the report clearly concludes that there was no coup d'etat in Honduras, that it was a constitutional succession.

An anonymous commenter to my last article wrote that it is true that the report exists and that Zelaya's man in the UN, Jorge Arturo Reina, is trying to block its issuance. In Aceituno's interview, he says that any country could make the report public at any time.

After a few hours with a glimmer of hope for Honduras, today the office of UN Secretary General issued this press release:
The United Nations wishes to clarify that its position, regarding the legality of the removal of President Zelaya in Honduras has been clearly articulated by the General Assembly Resolution 63/301 adopted on 1 July 2009. This resolution “condemns the coup d'etat in the Republic of Honduras that has interrupted the democratic and constitutional order and the legitimate exercise of power in Honduras.”

A recent Honduran media report appears to refer to an analysis submitted by a consultant as representing the views of the Department of Political Affairs This is highly misleading. The Department of Political Affairs routinely receives reports and analyses of this type from consultants, academics and other experts. But its views are strictly in line with that outlined in the General Assembly Resolution.

The Secretary-General urges the parties in Honduras to avoid distractions at this critical moment in the negotiations and remain focused on arriving at a consensual agreement to end the crisis in Honduras through dialogue.

He continues to strongly support OAS-led efforts to assist the parties in reaching a solution.

So, apparently like the US Library of Congress report, which also concluded that the Honduran Supreme court acted correctly, this report will also be ignored because it does not coincide with the knee-jerk reactions that were taken in the first 48 hours, without any investigation or dialogue with the parties involved except Manual Zelaya who has been proven over and over again to be a liar.

How many other reports are out there being covered up because they don't come to the 'right' conclusion? Where is the Koh report that Senator DeMint has asked for? If it supports the US position, why hasn't it been released?

Update from the UN: Honduran president’s ouster is ‘coup d’état,’ UN Secretariat reaffirms
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