October 1, 2009

Expatriation of Zelaya was necessary

Hugo Chavez and Mel Zelaya
Photo: Noticias24

Most people, within and outside of Honduras, widely agree that ex-president Manuel Zelaya's removal from the country was an error. The question is what to do about it?

Should the entire population of Honduras be subject to a corrupt, destructive president because the military made an error or should there be some punishment for the decision makers who ordered him to be taken out of the country?

The removal of former president Manuel Zelaya is currently being reviewed in Honduran courts.

The military has responded that the action was taken in the interest of protecting Honduras and Honduran citizens from violence. Just days before, we had seen President Zelaya lead a mob that broke into a military base and steal election materials which had been confiscated by order of the Supreme Court.

Please also remember that Hugo Chávez threatened invasion of Honduras even before June 28. This was reported in local news as well. While it is easy to dismiss Chávez as a blustering buffoon in the US or Europe, it isn't so easy when you are his target and you a small country with a huge unprotected border, relatively weak defenses, and apparently not another friend in the world. Neither the UN or the OAS chastised Chávez for his threats against Honduras.

Consider what happened when he tried to return on July 5 − a huge riot, several people injured and one killed. Consider what happened on September 21 when he made his presence known at the Brazilian embassy − massive riots, looting and millions of dollars of property damage and business lost. Note that nothing like that had happened the entire time while Zelaya was out of the country.

Zelaya's destructive efforts to divide the country are well known. First it was the elite, then all businessmen, then Jews, then "Turks" (those of Arab descent), and now immigrants.

By returning surreptitiously on September 21 and calling for violence and insurrection by his followers, it seems clear that Mel Zelaya has proven that the military's assumption was correct. Their actions on June 28th saved lives of Honduran citizens.

Initially, the military may have had a hard time making their case. Now Mel Zelaya has made it for them.
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