October 17, 2009

Another extension for Guaymuras

The Guaymuras delegates
Photo: La Tribuna

The Guaymuras delegates broke for the day in the late afternoon, indicating that the dialogue would continue. Victor Meza (Zelayista) initially stated that the Micheletti proposal was absolutely unacceptable. President Roberto Micheletti has stated, as he has stated from the beginning, that the Supreme Court must decide any constitutional issues.

In a new development, Mel Zelaya has made a counter proposal that the issue of his restoration to office be decided by the 128-member National Congress. I haven't heard a response to that by Micheletti's team.

Zelaya extended his arbitrary deadline to the commission from October 15 to noon on October 16, then to afternoon on October 16, and now has apparently agreed to another extension for 48 hours.

There must be some backdoor deals going on between Mel and certain congressmen for him to suggest that. After all, 123 of the 128 congressmen were the ones who voted to oust him. Last year it was reported that one million lempira payments were made by Mel to some congressmen last year to get the ALBA treaty passed. Everyone said that congress would never approve ALBA, but then they did.

We've seen incredible solidarity among all sectors of the government for the past 112 days. I've been waiting with baited breath to see who would be first to succumb and had a definite idea who that would be. I've been told that it is highly unlikely that Mel could get the votes of the majority of congress no matter what he promises them. With the elections right around the corner, it would be political suicide to vote for Zelaya's restoration. Too many people want him to pay for his crimes.

Here is my prediction: If the issue is given to Congress, and if Congress votes against restoring Zelaya, he won't accept the vote or the Guaymuras Accord. He'll declare the dialogue a fraud and will instead demand immediate international action against Honduras to restore him to power.

So, we'll see what happens.
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