October 15, 2009

The celebration continues

This video was taken last night in my home town of La Ceiba. Partway through, the video asks, "What do Hondurans think about the US who helped them qualify by eliminating Costa Rica?" Hondurans are yelling "Gringos! Gringos! Gringos!" and "USA! USA! USA!". What class!

For those who don't follow soccer, last week the US beat Honduras. Honduras' last chance for qualifying for the World Cup depended upon two things: They had to beat El Salvador and the US had to beat or tie Costa Rica. By tying with Costa Rica last night, the US ensured Honduras' ticket to the World Cup competition.

Hat tip to Mike Pettengill and the Pettengill family who are missionaries in La Ceiba.

This La Prensa video shows last night's celebration getting started in Tegucigalpa.

This video from La Prensa shows the celebration continuing today as thousands mass at the airport to welcome the Honduran team back home.

This is the happiest day in Honduras in a long, long time!
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