October 22, 2009

Press releases from the Honduran Minister of Foreign Relations

Carlos López, Honduran Foreign Minister
Photo: La Tribuna, Honduras

The Honduran Minister of Foreign Relations, Carlos López issued two press releases which I think give a better picture of what has been happening in Honduras − unfortunately, they haven't gotten much attention, even though they were issued in both English and Spanish.

October 21 press release from the Minister of Foreign Relations informing the national and international communities of the Guaymuras dialogues (in English). You can download the document from that link. If that doesn't work for you, try Eurolatina blog.

A second October 21 press release from the Minister of Foreign Relations regarding aggression and interference in internal affairs of Honduras by Venezuela and Nicaragua.

This document concludes very strongly with:
The Government of the Republic of Honduras strongly protests and condemns both the aggressive and interventionist statements of the Presidents of Venezuela and Nicaragua, as well as the many acts of aggression in which they have participated, in violation of the United Nations Charter and the purposes and principles of international law. In the same manner that Governments acted with a speedy and unusual condemnation against Honduras in respect of an act within the framework of its Internal law, the Government of Honduras expects the same speed and energy to condemn the acts of intervention and aggression by Chávez and Ortega.

The Government of the Republic demands in the most firm and emphatic way, that the UN and the OAS adopt appropriate measures and actions to curb international unlawful acts coming from the Governments of Venezuela and Nicaragua and reserves the right to exercise relevant international legal action.

Both of these documents are in English. Please read them for a better understanding of the Honduran government's position.

If you are so inclined, please consider writing to your government representatives to ask their opinion on these statements.

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