October 27, 2009

Is Chávez knocking on your door?

Emperor Hugo Chávez

For those who haven't heard the latest from Nicaragua, this brief Wall Street Journal summaries the recent Nicaraguan Supreme Court decision that, inexplicably, the constitution does not apply to President Daniel Ortega, simply because he does not want it to:
WSJ: Ortega Assists Honduras, The Chávez model hits Nicaragua: "If Honduras manages to preserve its democracy despite U.S. pressure to abandon it, the tiny Central American country may wind up thanking Nicaragua's Danny Ortega, of all people."
− read the entire article here.

Commentary Magazine discusses the US State Department weak response to the Nicaraguan issue. Nicaragua received a mild "very concerned" statement from the US State Department instead of the "vehemently condemns" statement issued by the OAS regarding Honduras on June 28, within hours of Zelaya's removal without any investigation.

The OAS is completely mum on the entire Nicaraguan issue, proving the point that many make that the OAS is a 'presidents' club' which is not at all concerned with 'institutional democracy', except as it affects presidents.
Commentary Magazine: More Mush from the State Department: Last week, the Associated Press reported that the “heavily politicized” Supreme Court of Nicaragua overturned a ban on Sandinista President Daniel Ortega’s running for re-election, in a ruling issued by Sandinista justices while opposing justices were absent (which was promptly declared “non-appealable” by Ortega). The State Department issued a press release stating it was “very concerned”....
− read the brief article here.

Now for a broader picture, Gustavo Coronel puts the pieces together. He discusses Chávez's financial and political intervention in Panamá with some 50 pro-Chávez groups, in Peru with ALBA (propaganda) houses and by financing a (failed) presidential candidate campaign, in Bolivia by financing Evo Morales political campaign, in Costa Rica with a 'Peace Base', and in Colombia by providing financial and logistical support for the terrorist group FARC.

He points out that none of these activities have received any attention from the OAS. Even more surprising to some readers will be this statement: "The attitude of the United States in connection with the Chavez’s “blitzkrieg” has been passive, even as Chavez has extended his initiatives to the U.S. academic world, Washington think tanks, Hollywood and, even, the U.S. Congress, where he is making modest but clear inroads."
Human Events: Chavez’s 'Blitzkrieg': Hugo Chavez is currently conducting a political and financial “blitzkrieg” in countries such as Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Bolivia, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Peru and Colombia. So far, country responses to his aggressive efforts have been rather languid, with the exception of Honduras, where a rapid civic and military reaction has checked the progress of his offensive.
− read the entire article
Coronel concludes that "the hemisphere ignores the Chavez’s threat at its peril".

Are you getting worried yet?

Is the second poorest country in the hemisphere the only one with the
huevos to stand up to Chavismo?

Protest sign: Out with Mel, out with Chávez, out with communism

Hat tip to Pete.

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