October 8, 2009

Honduran Irony #112 - Protester rights

Protesters in front of US Embassy, HondurasProtesters in front of the US Embassy
Photo: Omar

Apparently the US Embassy in Honduras has been asking the Honduran government to dislodge protesters from in front of the Embassy. These have mostly been Zelaya protesters, but on at least one occasion it was the never violent blancas (pro-government).

Protesters in front of US Embassy, HondurasYes, that's right. Both sides, along with most US Americans living in Honduras, are disgusted and offended by the USA position.

The US Embassy wants Honduras to deprive protesters of their civil rights?

Will the US now condemn the government for doing so?

I guess the shoe fits differently when it is on your foot. I saw that the US also uses tear gas on unruly American protesters. The government's attempts to peacefully dislodge protesters who looted and vandalized and trying to prevent it from happening again has been widely condemned by the US, OAS, and human rights groups around the world.
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