October 22, 2009

No progress and more deadlines in Honduras

Micheletti's delegation press conference
Photo: El Heraldo, Honduras

President Roberto Micheletti's delegates flatly rejected the midnight ultimatum imposed by ex-president Mel Zelaya tonight. They announced that after waiting for more than 48 hours for a Zelaya response to their last proposal, which was a compromise in which both the Supreme Court and the National Congress issue decisions about the return of Zelaya and that the negotiators will decide based on those reports.

The Zelaya response received this afternoon was the same as last week: Zelaya wants the national congress to decide his fate. Vilma Morales declared that a step backward.

When Zelaya's representative Victor Meza announced the ultimatum, he said that if a response was not received by midnight, the talks would be concluded. He urged the government to accept the "call" to restore Zelaya to power made by the OAS on Wednesday.

In a television interview, Micheletti delegate Arturo Corrales pointed out that José Insulza of the OAS, said yesterday that both the court or the congress decision would be valid − but then went on to say that the San José Accord must be honored and that Manuel Zelaya must be returned to office. Corrales said that returns us back to where we were on July 7. Both branches of government have previously rejected the return of Zelaya.

So, is it a Honduran negotiation or not? What is the point of all the torturous negotiation if the OAS is going to insist on the San José Accord?

Update: Zelaya's team has rejected the 10:00 meeting tomorrow and said that the midnight deadline stands. Victor Meza declared the talks will be dead at midnight if no new proposal is received.

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