October 4, 2009

More OAS hypocrisy

Venezuelan students protested Saturday
Photos: La Prensa, Honduras

The irony of the OAS's hypocrisy when it comes to Venezuela as compared to Honduras has not been lost on young Venezuelans.

Thousands of Venezuelans marched Saturday carrying signs saying "OEA, OEA, (OAS in English) come to see" and "OEA: Honduras disastrous". They delivered a petition to government officials to ask for authorization of a visit from the OAS's human rights organization (CIDH) to address political persecution and political prisoners.

José Miguel Insulza, Secretary General of the OAS, says the visit that the opposition asks for can only be realized if it is accepted by the Venezuelan government.

I seem to remember some OAS delegates showing up at a Honduran airport without permission last Sunday. Note the irony that Honduras did accept a visit from the CIDH while Venezuela does not, with no condemnation on the part of the OAS. Apparently human rights violations do not exist unless the country invites the OAS to visit. Honduras should learn a lesson here.

Hugo Chávez has not allowed human rights groups into Venezuela since 2002, saying that they are not impartial.

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