October 20, 2009

North coast Honduras flooding

The video above includes some of the noon Channel 10 news of the flooding in Honduras. Hardest hit were the departamentos (states) of Atlántida, Cortés y Yoro. The state of Colón also experienced some flooding. Flooding was most pronounced in the Rios Ulúa, Chamelecón and worst of all the Leán.

Here in La Ceiba (Atlántida), we had over 24 hours of rain, much of it very heavy, resulting in a total of 11 inches (28 cm.). Transit between Tela and La Ceiba was halted for a few hours yesterday because of flooded roads. Ten families were evacuated in La Ceiba.

There has been a lot of crop damage. Landslides and fallen trees were also a problem. A tree of about 40 feet (12 m.) fell behind our property.

See some of the local news articles for more details:

El Heraldo: Rain affects Yoro, Atlántida y Cortés - [Google translation]

La Tribuna: Storms leave houses flooded in the northern zone - [Google translation]

La Prensa: Leán River wipes out crops in Atlántida - [Google translation]
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