October 30, 2009

Guaymuras Accord tonight?

Honduran President Roberto Micheletti

President Roberto Micheletti made an announcement at 10 pm. He has agreed to Zelaya's demand that the National Congress decide the issue of Zelaya's restitution, but that that decision must be reviewed by the Supreme Court. He has authorized his team to sign the Guaymuras Accord tonight if Zelaya agrees to it.

He indicated that the ball is in Zelaya's court, "No more rhetoric! No more political games! No more excuses!"

We are supposed to hear more soon.

Update 11:16: They both signed the accord. Victor Rico made the announcement and is thanking Thomas Shannon.

Thomas Shannon is congratulating the negotiators and everyone else, including José Insulza and Oscar Arias. Phht. Word is that he made serious threats against Honduras to force the agreement.

Update 11:30: Vilma Morales spoke for the Micheletti team, nothing new there.
I've been waiting for a press conference from the other side, nothing yet.

Update 11:52: From my inside source, 47 congressmen will vote no (40 Liberal, 1 UD, 2 PINU, and 4 DC) 26 congressmen will vote yes (22 Liberals and 4 UD), and presidential candidate Pepe Lobo is asking the Nacionalistas to abstain.

Worst news of all: supposedly Thomas Shannon has been pressuring the congressmen to vote for the restoration of Zelay or else!
The exact words were that "Shannon scared the living hell out of everyone here including Micheletti." Yeah, remember the press conference? "We're just here to help. We aren't going to intervene. We'll respect any decision that the Hondurans make." Yeah, right. Now they are even threatening elected Honduran officials that they won't recognize elections unless they vote yes. I'm sure there must be economic threats as well.

Update 1:30 a.m.: See the comment on this article from Lce_hn. He or she saw the Zelaya press conference and wrote that, incredibly, Victor Meza said that there are still four points to be agreed upon. This Reuters Latin America report says that Zelaya will sign the agreement on Friday. (I'm not including a google translation as it is a bad translation.) Finally, I found a Proceso Digital report of Victor Meza's press conference. [google translation]

Hillary has already announced her joy at the agreement so I hope that Zelaya sticks to his word that he will sign the agreement and will respect the decision of the congress.

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