October 3, 2009

Zelaya speaks to followers on Radio Globo

I heard an interview with ex-president Mel Zelaya on Radio Globo yesterday. Here are some highlights of what he said:

The population is practically living in a concentration camp.

The golpistas aren't sincere about dialogue.

We need more measures [against Honduras by the international community].

90% [of the population] are against the coup d' etat.

Elections are fraudulent.

This is a historical repression like never seen before.

There are hundreds of political prisoners.

There are more than 200 protests in different cities every day that the media doesn't cover.

Interestingly, Zelaya wasn't asked, nor did he volunteer the very important information that he has apparently agreed to drop the constitutional assembly project, though his spokesperson Carlos Eduardo Reina affirmed that he couldn't be responsible if the population later wanted to be consulted.

Some of the resistance groups have made it clear that the restitution of Zelaya is less important than achieving the constitutional assembly. The San José Accord expressly prohibits Zelaya and his ministers from promoting a constituyente under any name.

When knowledge spreads among his supporters (who are told that anyone who listens to or reads "golpista" media is ignorant) that he is willing to drop this project, he is likely to lose much of his following.

However, while in the past Zelaya has told Insulza of the OAS, Hillary Clinton of the US State Department, and Oscar Arias that he agrees to the San José Accord, he has given several public interviews including one with CNN (Español) immediately after his meeting with Hillary Clinton, in which he clearly proclaims that the constitutional assembly will continue. It is anybody's guess what he will be saying tomorrow.
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