October 9, 2009

What Micheletti really said to the OAS

Honduran President Roberto Micheletti
Photos: La Prensa, Honduras

"First, I wish to express unending thanks for the good will that you are showing ... but we must speak out about something: the truth. You do not know the whole truth and, at times it appears that you do not want to hear it. Why don’t we begin to investigate what happened before the 28th of June? We are being asked to reconsider certain things and we are willing, but I believe we have a right that the truth be heard. . . ."
-- Roberto Micheletti

If you did not see the OAS delegates meeting with President Micheletti yesterday, please, please read this Examiner article to read some of Micheletti's comments translated to English:

Honduras President Roberto Micheletti blasted OAS in new round of crisis talks

If you understand Spanish, see the videos below.

Part 2 video

Part 3 video

The first two minutes of Micheletti start at minute 8 of Part 1 video which also include the beginning remarks of Bruno Stagno (Costa Rica) and Jose Insulta (OAS), and Patricia Espinosa (Mexico). Part 4 includes the other speakers who spoke after Micheletti, including Canada, US, and Jamaica in English.

After the meeting, Facebook was awash with comments from Hondurans and North Americans about what a hero Micheletti is and how proud everyone was of him and his strength. My favorite comment came from Gerardo:

We will tell our children about how one man fought for our constitution against all odds. I have always voted for the nationalist party, but Micheletti is a true hero in the same league with Morazán.


Bonus quote from Arturo Corrales, a government representative in the 'dialogues', today after being asked what he thought of the OAS imposing their demands:

"Well, it's like when a guest comes to your house and says 'You should paint your house yellow.' We are good hosts, so we politely say that it is a good idea, but we will be painting our house the color that we want to paint it."
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