October 13, 2009

UN Study: Ouster of Zelaya was constitutional

UN, could it be any more palatial?
photo: Hondudiario.com

Hondudiario.com reported another shocker today.

Hondudiario quoted
official UN sources as saying that a study of the Department of Political Affairs of the UN concluded that the destitution of ex-president Manuel Zelaya was constitutional and in accordance with the laws of the country. [Google translation] The report was finalized after visiting Honduras last week.

The article stated that high level UN officials had been made aware today of the report which also coincides with the conclusions US Library of Congress report. The UN site did not have any information about the report tonight.

Meanwhile, Zelaya's Foreign Minister Patricia Rodas and the Venezuelan representative to the UN have been pushing for an emergency meeting to ask for more sanctions against Honduras and to demand an ultimatum for Zelaya's restitution by Thursday, October 15.

The source said that these two were pressuring for a special assembly of the Security Council, but had not yet received any responses. The UN source stated that the majority of the member states of the UN, after knowing this additional information, will not support any resolution that asks for sanctions against Honduras.

Several local news channels reported the story. Carlos Arturo Reina, Zelaya supporter, immediately called in to Channel 3 8 p.m. news and then Channel 5 9 p.m. news to tell them that the UN General Assembly had already made their decision, and this report changes nothing. He also said that he had confirmed with his father, Zelaya's UN representative Jorge Arturo Reina, that the UN was considering additional sanctions against Honduras.

Aristides Aceituno, Executive Director of Hondudiario, called Channel 3 news right after that to say that the report does exist and that it is just one more example that the world judged Honduras hastily.

Can it be?
The UN finishes a study which does not support their actions 108 hellish days after the fact?

Update: See the UN response at More on the UN study

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