October 22, 2009

Earthquake October 22

We had another earthquake at 1:52 a.m. I'm going to guess that it was around a 4.0 magnitude, maybe a little higher depending upon how far away the epicenter was. I admit that I am a little rusty since it has been a few months since we had the string of earthquakes. The quake was strong enough to cause El Jefe to jump out of bed from a sound sleep.

No official reports on the magnitude as the Nicaraguan site apparently doesn't update at night and the USGS Earthquake site....well, you'll read about that in the next article.


Apparently it was a 4.6 magnitude located on the island of Roatán. Here is the Nicaraguan earthquake data:

Earthquake data - from Nicaragua

Here is the USGS earthquake nondata:

Earthquake data - from US government

Those are for the person who thinks that I'm delusional and that an earthquake can't be hidden. Hahaha. Anyone can visit those sites to see the original maps. Both sites are updated every 5 minutes. The US site includes one week of data. The Nicaraguan site includes 10 days. So, be my guest, and tell me who is hiding an earthquake?

I didn't want to believe it of my government either, but the facts are there in living color.

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