October 21, 2009

Patty Rodas for president!

Patty Rodas, ex-Foreign Minister
Photo: Telesur

Venezuela's Telesur reports that Patty Rodas wouldn't be opposed to being a presidential candidate but only if the sectors of society want her, but of course the elections have to be held under the law which of course can't be done under a dictator but of course the people have a right to elect whoever they want. She says that they will not recognize elections unless President Zelaya is restored and then she goes on to repeat 3 or 4 more times that they will not recognize elections. Her platform would be to continue with the constitutional assembly.

She says the most important thing is to restore the president and continue with the constitutional assembly project.

Does this sound like someone whose leader has supposedly already agreed to give up the constitutional assembly?

Funny that she announces her possible candidacy two months after the deadline to file as a candidate and the day after the ballots were sent to print. Next we'll be hearing that the military dictatorship violated her right to run for president.

Has Chávez found a new favorite? If he loses this round with Zelaya, will he be back in 2014 with Patty? Ay caramba! God save Honduras.

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