October 1, 2009

The Tegucigalpa Accord

Bishop Juan José Pineda

A proposal for a Honduran solution for the Honduran crisis was announced tonight by Bishop Juan Jose Pineda. Instead of the international community forcing the San José Accord on Honduras, when neither side agrees with it, Hondurans will develop their own Tegucigalpa accord. (Tegucigalpa is the capital of Honduras.)

Bishop Pineda has acted as the mediator between President Roberto Micheletti and ex-president Manuel Zelaya this past week, so he is in the best position to know whether it will be accepted by both. He was confidant that Hondurans are able to sit around the negotiating table and come to a Honduran solution themselves. OAS Special Adviser John Biehl also has said that he found a strong willingness for dialogue.

The plan is that President Micheletti and ex-president Zelaya will each select 2-3 honorable and responsible representatives. The Unión Civicá Democrática (the association of civic groups) and the "Resistencia" will each also select 2-3 representatives. An international mediator will be selected.

Bishop Pineda has not revealed any confidences from his meetings with the Micheletti and Zelaya. It would be wonderful if this could be successful. It seems that it would be hard for the international community to object without showing their true intentions for Honduras.
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