August 16, 2009

It's back! Rainy season

rain, La Ceiba, HondurasNow, that is rain!

Rainy season has started a little early in La Ceiba, Honduras. Yesterday we had about 2 inches of rain (5 cm.) and at halfway through the month, we've already had almost 8 inches (20.3 cm.). It actually rained three separate times yesterday which is unusual for this time of year in La Ceiba. Generally, it only rains after 4 p.m. for some reason that I don't understand but like very much. I know this because of August construction and painting projects.

This late afternoon timing makes it nice for tourists who can do all the outdoor activities unhampered during the day and sit under a champa (palm frond roof) at a restaurant in the evening. Actually, when it does rain this time of year, it is usually only for maybe an hour. Nice, huh?

I love rainy season as everything turns bright green and looks so fresh and clean. Plants and trees seem to grow 12 inches (.3 m.) a week − a slight exaggeration, but not too much (except for my mangosteen tree).

Another reason to love rainy season is that the temperature cools down somewhat. It has almost been chilly at night, but keep in mind that my blood has thinned in the tropical heat so that over 85° F (29° C) feels hot and anything below 80° F (27° C) feels cool or even cold to me. Quite a change from Texas where the temperature might vary by 40 degrees in a day. ;-)

La Gringa's tropical-sized rain gauge, La Ceiba, HondurasSince there doesn't seem to be any official recording of rainfall in Honduras, I've been keeping track of the rain with my handy dandy tropical size (24" - .61 m.) rain gauge.

You can follow the count under "La Ceiba Rainfall" in the sidebar. I usually only update this page at the end of the month.
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