August 22, 2009

Deadline to register to vote

Tres urnas, not cuatro
and the ballots won't be delivered by Venezuela either

Midnight tomorrow, August 23 is the deadline for Honduran citizens to apply for your
tarjeta de identidad so that you can vote in November.

Please, please, please make sure that if you don't have a valid ID card, apply at the RNP office nearest you in Honduras or in the US (Houston, New York, Washington, Los Ángeles, Miami y New Orléans), find out where the TSE (Tribunal Superior Electoral) is registering voters. Apparently some shady business is going on in some of the Honduran consulates. Be sure to keep your receipt so you can show that you applied in time.

Serious efforts are being made to sabotage the elections. Don't let that happen. Don't let apathy or lack of enthusiasm about the candidates keep you from voting. It has never been more important for you to study the candidates and vote your conscience.

A low voter turnout will cast a shadow on the elections. It is estimated that about 18% of qualified Honduran voters are outside the country. If you are a Honduran US resident, your vote is needed.

And, if anyone gives you a hard time or prevents you from registering at the US consulates, complain long and loudly! Contact the TSE and your local media.

I don't know what procedures are going to be in effect in the Consulate offices, but if there is any way that you can get involved to make sure that the vote count is accurate and transparent, do it. The TSE has promised the most open and transparent elections ever.
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